Friday, October 23, 2015

Welcome and house rules

This blog has been set up to disseminate interesting results and activities of ICARUS staff and students. Various ICARUS members shall contribute items over time. We'll try to keep it lively and informative.

Feedback is welcomed but should be on-topic and relevant. To that end all comments shall be moderated. Comments deemed off-topic, containing profanities, inflammatory, or potentially libelous etc. shall be deleted.  We reserve the right to edit sections of comments that are deemed to fall foul of the house rules and publish the remainder but shall always annotate that material was removed.

For on-topic, relevant, constructive and polite comments and queries, there may be a delay between writing your comment and its publication owing to the moderator's non-availability. We'll try to answer as many questions and queries as we can on the items we post.

Further information can be found on our twitter feed and our website.

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Please note all comments are moderated. Comments containing profanities, unwarranted accusations, deemed off-topic etc. shall be deleted. There may be a substantial delay between posting a comment and its acceptance owing to moderator availability.